Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coal Car

Randall Kaufmann of Kaufmann’s Streamborn Fly Shops which sadly went out of business in 2011, created this darker version of his famous Freight Train pattern. Which he later called the Coal Car. It was created originally for the Deschutes River in Oregon. It is still one of the most popular patterns in the Pacific Northwest and has gained popularity recently in the Great Lakes Steelhead scene. Thus I was asked to tie a custom order through Malinda's Fly Shop. Here is the version I tyed. A special thanks to http://therockyriver.com/library/fly-catalog/steelhead-salmon for providing some of the background history on the fly.
Hook: Daiichi 2051 Size 3 Thread: Black 6/0 Tail: Black Schlappen Fibers Counter Rib: Medium Silver Oval Tinsel Rear 1/3: Orange Uni Yarn Mid 1/3: Red Uni Yarn Front 1/3 Black Ultra Chenille Throat: Black Schlappen Under Wing: Krystal Flash Wing: Black Squirrel Tail

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