Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tie One On Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Tie One On event in Syracuse, NY on march 23, 2013.  This event was to benefit the Iroquois Chapter of Trout Unlimited and had a nice selection of tiers to back it up.  There were a few vendors on site with fly tying materials: Badger Creek, Dette Flies, and Mickey's Bait & Tackle. Attendance was a little lacking, but a fair amount of women showing interest, which is always good to see in our sport.  I had the pleasure of tying next to deer-hair master Pat Cohen and fly tying Jedi Steve Silverio.  We had plenty of laughs and discussions about tying, fishing, and general life things.  I brought my newly constructed swim tank, figuring this was the type of event where most folks hadn't one.  With the popularity of Skagit Master 3, there is still a good portion of people who haven't seen one up close.  After joking with Steve that the leaky side of the aquarium was on his side of the table....I was totally kidding since Steve has some stunning displays.  Steve even wanted to try out one of his tube flies, which we tried several hook placent options to see the difference in the swimming motion. Cool stuff.  I got to chat with Rick Kustich the author of the newly released Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (which features three flies tyed by yours truly).  Rick is a great guy and an equally talented tier.  Dave Brandt, Allen Landheer, Mick Heck, Joe Caebellos, and Kevin Compton were all on hand as well.  Also fellow Flymph Forum members Ray Tucker and Tim Didas showed up. The event also had several raffles and silent auctions.  Hopefully the event was enough of a success to continues it again next year.
Pat Cohen

 Allen Landheer and Steve Silverio

 Brad Buzzy
 Dave Brandt and Mike Heck
 Ray Tucker and Tim Didas
Rick Kustich