Monday, May 7, 2012

The End Of Another Steelhead Season

The pressure had gotten to me and I had to take a mental health day. The steelhead season on the Salmon River was coming to an end quickly. Malinda's Fly Shop was closing for the summer and I needed to stock up on supplies and say see you at Spey Nation in July 14 . The beauty of taking a mental health day in the late spring, is the chance to fish those spots once crowded, and explore new nooks and crannies. The river had been running at summer low flows and visions of skating flies on the surface danced in my head, but to my surprise the flow was at a healthy 900 cfs. I had the pleasure of fishing the Compactor all alone, then moved to the Willows and watched as the caddis and black flies danced all around the water's surface. There was a brief tug, but nothing significant. I moved to the Upper Fly Zone and fished to no avail. I then wrapped up my 2011-2012 steelhead season in the Sportsman's pool watching fingerlings launch themselves after the bugs and managed to land a nice pepper speckled rainbow all of 8 inches. To the river I'll be back to challenge my soul again. Some Caddis Clinging to a Log

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