Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 out 2012 in

It's been a couple of weeks, but I'm getting back into the swing of things.  After the Xmas holidaze I made plans with my buddy Martin to fish Spring Brook, then Oak Orchard Creek, and round out the day by stop at Oak Orchard Fly Shop.  Martin had never been to any of the above locations but had heard plenty of my tales from each.  This was going to be a hefty trip trying to cover water, ground, and time.  The real pisser was the projected morning temperature was to be about 14 degrees F.  I assured him that it wouldn't be a problem at Spring Brook, since the spring fed dream of a stream usually maintained a fairly constant temperature suitable for the trout.  I've written an article in Hatches online magazine before about my love for this place, so I won't go into a lot of detail. I spent a fair amount of time showing Martin some of the little tricks and nuances.  He missed a couple of fish early, but once he got warmed up, he got the job done.  The goal was to get a couple of fish from Spring Brook and drive to the Oak and fish til noonish.  we should have stayed where we were, because the Oak was a joke.  Too many people for this time of year and the fishing was tense and tough.  On to the Fly Shop where we were greeted by Nick Pioneesa and talked shop for a while.  Then it was time to return home after hitting the Mighty Taco drive trough.  Great time for sure, and seeing Martin's enjoyment from Spring Brook ended my 2011 fishing year on a high note.  Thanks for the memory buddy. 

                                           The Last of 2011
2012 is coming into its own with some tying and a quick trip to the Salmon River on New Years Day.  A solo solitude mission for me, which was exactly what I wanted.  I fished the two stretches virtually undisturbed and fishless.  I need to work on the fishless thing...LOL.  The tying is still going strong and I found a little time to fool around with an idea or two.
                                          The first of 2012

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