Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hitting the Stride

The Holidaze are around the corner. If not for my kids these days would be pointless. If I could turn the other way I would.  The fishing for me this fall has been lack luster to say the least and I hope to resolve this soon.  The fly tying had at one point been very overwhelming and the point of burnout was very close.  I relaxed a bit and just took on the "I'll fill what orders I can" attitude until I could get my batteries recharged. It didn't take long.  Something clicked and I felt refreshed.  Flies came out of the vise faster and new attempts came out as I had hoped.  For a second time now I experienced a Tiers High.  That feeling of pure reward and confidence that is so often sought in life.  The energy peaked with the trio of Winters Hope.  Everything came out as I had hoped.  I made some slight judgement calls on numbers of wraps, lenghts, but that's what I like to do.  Then came a sample of Scottish Highland Cattle from http://www.tiethefly.com/ and I experimented with dyeing this close polar bear substitute.  Choclate brown was the color of choice and then came the prawn star.  The outcome again was exceptional in my mind and I enjoyed positive feed back on both.  Hopefully this extra push will get me through the Holidaze.

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