Thursday, September 8, 2011

Different kids, different fishing approach...same result.

As you may have read before my oldest daughter is the able and ready angler and her younger sister is less so.  My youngest has some reservations about standing in flowing waters and seeking out viable quarry that lurk within the area streams and rivers.  She does how ever get the urge to go fishing with Dad every now and then.  She usually wants to go fishing in our backyard pond for bullheads, but this summer the drought had really made the pond undesirable, so I suggested hitting the local canal public boat launch for some worm dunking and Barbie pole fishing.  I woke my youngest early Saturday morning and said "Wanna go fishing?"....she was sure she was still dreaming, so I repeated the question and she sprang awake.  I gathered the gear and pastries and away we went.  We arrived at the launch while it seemed the rest of the world was a sleep. She's evolving into quite the caster and is content with the Barbie action.  Not wanting to push fishing on her, I allow her to set the pace and I act as guide making suggestions.  She really needs to work on setting the hook as we chummed the waters well with missed fish and lost worms.  The only downside came when the casting went a wry and the worm and hook grazed her arm.  She immediately dropped the rod and teared up.  She claimed she was ready to go home and I assured her that I wasn't going to end the fun we had up to this point on a tearful end.  I let her calm herself and made some casts for her til she was back in the swing of it.  We ended our morning casting our worries away and creating memories to cherish.  Nothing makes me smile when I hear, "Daddy I like going fish with you."....and I get to reply "I like fishing with you too".

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