Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taking It To The Next Generation

I told Santa Claus that I wanted to bring my business into the next generation and to do that I would need an ipad or tablet. I want my business to be as mobile as I am. What better way to show a fly shop your work than to pull out a tablet and let them scroll through a catalog of your work? Santa came through in a big way and the tablet has proven its worth in the two tying demos I've done in 2012. Now I figured lets take it one step more...Why not videotape me tying a fly? I recruited my oldest daughter as my videographer, who was more than willing to get to fool around with Daddy's cool new toy. She was a trooper to say the least. The first run through went light years better than I expected, and I usually set my expectation bar pretty high. After the first take, though it wasn't perfect, I knew she had potential. We've had a ton of fun and the videos are meant to be that way. No fancy footage, just down and dirty...a guy with his daughter sharing time together and learning from each other. I'm proud of you my oldest, though you may not realize how much yet!

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