Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mental Health Day

As real life would have it I occasionally get overwhelmed and frustrated mostly with the real life job.  I then need that mental release, thus the need for a mental health day.  For me there is usually a bunch of planning, on what species and what body of water, etc.  What makes a mental health day more complete, than to score some fish.  This day was designed to score some warmwater species from the kayak.  The weather forcasted changed on me last minute making me rethink my original destination.  No problem I usually have a backup plan.  I headed to the North end of Cayuga Lake and searched for a launch spot.  Once I did I was off and eager to get the day reeling.  No dice, I moved to another location, and another, and dice, no dice, no fish.  A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.....right?  So be it, not every outting can be what the vision in my head wants it to be......thus the quest continues.  I did manage to take both my girls fishing, so that brought smiles to everyones face, myself included.

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