Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Short Holed Again

The stench of decay lingers in the air from the swimming dead of a month ago.  Fall foliage now litters the ground and the leaf hatch has settled into the edges and eddies.  The elbow-to-elbowers have left their remains treating the majestic river as their drains.  The stacked like cord wood days are gone and the carcasses are sand bagging the bottom.  If the circus has left town it must mean that chrome and brown should now surround?  Not in solitude, but swinging with the like minded attitude.  Methodical and deliberate each cast has meaning, into the void and left to dangle.  Gliding my way to the heart of the run.  One can almost taste the take.  Numbing breeze and drizzle to stay, it’s the pursuit that makes me stay.  Fishy is the water and anticipating the strike is there.  Then the crash from outta no where.  The trance leads to a glance, then a stare. You look up the flow and down. How can you not know? Don’t side step, just go! You’ve got the gear all in tow. Trek your way to the clearing going the other way.  I’m not a prude, just ask, it’s a simple task.  You choose to ignore and there you go, short holed again! My swing lends right where you stepped in, might as well be up to your chin.  Why can’t you think?  With this rod as a sword I shall shove you in the drink.  Next time don’t be a dink there’s miles of river from which these fish drink. 

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  1. Vern-o, I hate being short-holed... Here in NY when fishing it seems to be the norm. No one seems to know the rules of stream educate and they will fish right on top of you. The inland streams here in NY are slightly better, but the tribs are awful and is the biggest reason I don't fish them much. Out west where I guide some and fish all summer you would get knocked on your @ss for stepping in someones hole and if someone does that to you, you can bet their from NY or PA... I would rather catch small inland trout with nobody around then fight the crowds for big fish.. thx for letting me rant, Doug.