Friday, March 23, 2012

The Claypool

As life would have it not everything has been smooth these past few weeks. It seems that nothing in real life will fit into my mental schedule. The real job is taking its toll on my psyche and things I use to brush away are now the things that aggravate me to no end. These things too shall pass, but I need my outlet. That thing that drives me when all else fails. Family is a huge help, but I often need that one thing that take me where I need to be and recharge. I tyed these flies back in the fall of 2011 to show a new influence, Les Claypool, my way of saying "thank you". I held off on showing many people, I guess waiting for a rainy day. That day is here. Les Claypool is a musician/artist and fly fisherman. His style of music is his own and he takes no prisoners as he beats is bass guitar into submission. Dancing on the edge of bizarro at times, Les and his current band Primus are out promoting their new album Green Naugahyde. They will be making their stop in Syracuse, NY on May 20, 2012. Les if you are out there, there are a few fly fisherman in the Upstate, NY area that want to take you fishing.
The flies influences come from Les's welder style glasses, a funky hat, a touch of green naugahyde, some purple onion, stubble of a goatee, and the passion for doing what you love. We salute you by chanting along with your legions of fans....Primus sucks!

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  1. Vern those are Badass ! I love primus ! FISH on !