Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 25th Annual Game Dinner...the end of an era

The American Legion in Newark, NY has for the last twenty-five years held an annual game dinner with proceeds going to help local charities. They estimated over that time they have raised close to $500,000.00! I have been fortunate enough to do fly tying at this event for three of those years. What is a game dinner you ask? Well it's a sportsman's smorgasbord of assorted wild game dishes prepared in a variety of ways. A mecca for those who want to try something different.....If you have ever uttered the words "gamey or fishy"....this isn't for you! Many of the supporters of this event donate game that they have obtained through the seasons and they are skillfully prepared to feed the masses. Which has been a sold out event guessed it 25 years. Ever had corned goose, bbq pheasant, tree rat, or poormans shrimp? The beauty of this event for me, is the majority of the guests know little about fly tying, thus giving them the chance to ask questions and see what it takes to create flies. I've tailored my demo to include ice fishing jigs and larger heavier flies that can casted on spin fishing gear. A very rewarding experience for me and I express my thanks and gratitude to those who made it all possible. A huge amount of work goes into these events and after 25 years, I understand wanting to call it quits. Hopefully the next generation of sportsmen will pick up the torch and show some motivation and initiative.... given todays youth and economy I'm not optimistic.

My wife's donation

Hungry folks

Lots of raffles and door prizes

Food or what's left of it

A vendor or two

And tucked away off to the side...

...Custom Flies byVERN-O

Know the buddy Rick

Save room for dessert

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