Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alex Cerveniak and http://alexkain.com/

I met Alex a few years back through article submissions to Hatches Magazine.  I learned quickly that Alex is serious about his passion for everytthing fly fishing.  It wasn't until last fall that we actually got to meet face to face at the Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset, NJ....it seemed that we were always at the same places just different times. The more we talked the more I appreciated his efforts and contributions to our beloved sport.  Alex creatted a new web site this year  http://alexkain.com/ that showcases some of his passion.  He has a portion dedicated to things fish eat and their fly imitation.  I sent a couple of flies for Alex to photograph and add to his collection.  These are a couple of patterns that I created and are available through the Beaverkill Angler in Roscoe, NY.  As always Alex's photos showcase his artistic eye.  I'll be adding the patterns to my blog fly catalog soon. 
                                                  Isonychia Soft Hackle Bead Head:
Eastern Green Drake Soft Hackle:

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  1. looking good Vern-o...looking forward to hanging at Somerset this year...and your right..Alex is rad