Friday, June 10, 2011

Deerfield Recap

I've spent most of this week going over the events from last week's Deerfiled River Spey/Fly Day.  I was running behind trying to get to the event and have time to set up.  When I arrived there was a small crowd and most people were still getting set up so I didn't feel so bad.  The location was this gorgeous wooded spot on the banks of the Deerfiled River.  The weather was perfect and just a gentle breeze to remind me that I don't usually tie outside. One of the first people I met was Phil Krista.  A kilt wearing gentleman with a powerful presence and casting ability that commands respect.  We spoke about the need for more tyers to contact their local VA Hospitals and donate what time they can to help soldiers rehabilitate and recover from their service. Phil is definately a presence to reckon with and his pitch is contagious.  As the day kicked into gear I met some really great and interesting people (most of which I've fortgotten their names....I'm working on this).  I tyed a few flies and explained different styles. Hell I even casted a 15 foot two handed ocean rod with Phil's direction....I'm not ready for the surf.  The highlight for me was that the fly wallet and flies I donated was the first item the raffle winner chose.  A great cause and a great reward for me personally.  Reel Recovery was on hand to take donations.  Then came the big ticket auction items.  Trips to Alaska, Argentina, rods, Dick Talluer rememberance collection, etc.  Just some amazing stuff at real great prices, but the items just weren't moving.  A sign that the economy is still healing.

After the event the wife and kids picked me up and the plan was to take the kids tent camping if the weather was good.  The weather was perfect and we were all tired from the days events which made the campfire all the more entertaining as we cooked our dinner on it.  The overnight temp. dropped to about 45 degrees and the morning was a bit chilly so we packed up early and found Dunkin Doughnuts as quick as we could.  The kids were excited to have camped out in the tent and the wife and I were happy to be enjoying the simple things in life.  I am thankful for a great many things in my life.

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