Monday, July 16, 2012

Spey Nation V and Oinks

This has to be one of my favorite events to attend.....Spey Nation that is.  This year marks the fifth year and what an event it was.  Moving from it's usual June slot to a July slot was not a pleasing point for me, but judging by the masses it worked for many others.  The drawing of the masses may have been in part by the big names as well, Topher Brown, Simon Gawesworth, Rick Kustich, and Tim Rajeff just to name a few.  Did I mention free food too? Sponsored by Nick and the boyz at Oak Orchard Fly Shop.  Absent was the free beer, but hey we all know how to pack a cooler ourselves. One of the best parts for me is connecting with new and re-connecting with old friends. I get a lot out of this event by being a spectator!

 This is the time to test drive a rod...only you miss the presentation.
 Frank Swarner III and Mike Nutto talking shop.
 What an un-manned Hardy booth?.....Walt's gonna be pissed.
 Every Hippie's fantasy!!!!! Do I smell patchouli oil?
 The mastermind behind the Nation
 T&T on display and ready to swing.
The morning started like all the other Spey Nations for me, up as early as possible, meet up with my buddy Martin for some fishing and laughing before test driving a few rods at the Nation.  There were a few willing takers in the smallmouth bass department, many falling victim to Hagrid's Dragon sculpin pattern.  To add to the story, I will mention that there was an epic battle and a fish weighing in the pound rather than inches ranges was lost before eyes could be laid upon it.  I had to depart by Noon due a previous engangement of a pig roasting nature.

  It wouldn't be a trip with out a stop at Malinda's Fly Shop. 
 Can't wait til next year! Thanks to all those who put forth the effort to pull this event is greatly appreciated.

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