Friday, April 27, 2012

Still Playing

I havent been able to devote as much time to married wings as I would like, but here are a couple that I tried. I love the looks of guinnea fouwl, but finding matching pairs in my stash is virtually impossible. The other key thing I'm learning is having quality materials to work with can make the difference. The key factor with that being said is to know what to look for in quality materials. I hope to address this soon, since I'm still learning myself. The heads on these haven't been coated and look a bit time

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  1. Nice efforts. There are a couple nice step by step tutorials on Hatchesonline. One, a whole fly, the ibis and white by John McCoy, the other, wet fly heads, but Mike Schmidt.
    The reason I mention these is because there is big thread space between your head, wing, throat and the end of the body. Ideally these should be all on the same vertical plane. You want to end the body about 1 eye width back on the shank, then tie in the throat, wing and finish the head all in that one eye width.
    If you have any problem finding the articles on Hatches, you can click on my blog and you will see them in one of the headers at the top.

    Keep at it,