Thursday, December 15, 2011

Annual Friends

For the last four years now, a buddy who I tie flies for comes up from Florida for some steelhead fishing with a friend and fellow guide Loren Williams (  I am usually lucky enough to tag along for a day or two.  It's always an adventure and the ball busting is always entertaining no matter the weather.  Loren is top notch in knowing where to locate steelhead, hooking them is up to you.  Often easier said than done.  Some of my best days steelheading have been with Gary and Loren.  This year was entertaining, but the bite wasn't happening.  The flow on the Salmon River was at 1500 cfs and should have been drawing fresh fish in.  It just wasn't happening the way it should.  I did hook into one slob of a steelie that tossed the hook after a brief battle and that summed up the days efforts.  The next two days were all Garys, as I had work to attend to.  The fishing didn't get any easier, but a few fish found Gary's hook point. Did I mention that Gary tie full dress Atlantic Salmon flies that are nothing less than stunning?  I hope these annual friends continue through the years to come.  Thanks for the good times.

       Where is that pizza delivery guy?
 Nice run
          Gary's brown
Gary's bow

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