Friday, September 30, 2011

Flies For A Buddy

Things have been busy lately between real life and reel life.  Actually they never seem to slow down only get faster, but that's why they call it a ride.  Anyway the fall salmon run is starting to crank up and so are the calls for more flies.  It seems that lately I need to break away and tie a few distractions to recharge my batteries.  When it comes to fishing, I often prefer to go alone and have only a few friends that I can say that I actually look forward to fishing with.  My buddy Martin is one of those who I look forward to fishing with.  On one of our recent fishing trips he commented on how much he loved a fly that I had given him a while back.  There is usually one main reason someone REALLY likes a fly, because it produces fish!  The funny thing about the fly is that it combines two colors of insects commonly found on the Salmon River during steelhead season, little black stoneflies and the chartreuse green of caddis.  I had toyed with this color combo years ago and came up with the camo copper john.  All I can say is that for whatever reason, the two colors together work.  With Martin's birthday quickly approaching, what better gift than a few variations of the fly he enjoys.  I have of course given verbal instructions on how to tie his own and when we get time behind the vise, I'll show him hands on. Enjoy Martin!

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  1. very nice Vern-o...those will slam some steel and browns for sure...